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         Sweet Lighthouse Home Stay is a lovely villa in Pak Chong near Khao Yai National Park

Each cottage is styled and modeled on the concept of the East Sea and Western Maritime’s.

Five models to choose from in this exotic surrounding. 

         Sweet Lighthouse Home Stay is ideally located, surrounded by beautiful picturesque

mountains near Khao Yai. Experience natural, quiet, privacy and safety with an atmosphere that

makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. Enjoyable leisure experience that makes you forget it is

"the bustling city or the crowded home".

Each of these cottages is styled as if you are in that part of the world with all the usual

facilities. The service is guaranteed warm, friendly with open hearts. Convenient travel from Bangkok

only takes 2 hours. Near many attractions, such as Khao Yai National Park, Farm Chokchai,

Suwan Farm, Palio, Chocolate Factory, Secret Art Garden.

        To share experiences and memories that makes your holidays a very special time.


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